ABA Therapy at Home vs. In-Clinic _ What You Need to Know

ABA Therapy at Home vs. In-Clinic | What You Need to Know

After choosing an autism service provider, you will need to make decisions surrounding the support services. Affinity Autism Services works with you to personalize a support plan designed to complement a person’s own abilities and discover their potential. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can fill in the gaps for individuals on the autism spectrum, such as overall daily skills, language skills, playing, learning, and socialization. Based on all we know about science and behavior analysis, ABA helps someone find their own voice and way through their world each day.

Benefits of Applied Behavior Analysis for Autism

Affinity offers in-home or clinic-based ABA therapy services.

In both environments, individuals will work with one of our Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT). Our RBTs adapt their techniques, interventions, and treatment plans for each individual – both at home or in-clinic. 

If you can expect personalized therapies in both locations, how does the environment affect ABA?

The Benefits of ABA Therapy at Home

One of the core benefits of at-home ABA is parent or caregiver involvement. Here, you have the option to participate during sessions. You will have more insight into the skill set that we focus on.

Just by the incidental nature of being at home, parents and caregivers can benefit from more involvement and individualized training from the RBT and the Behavior Analyst (BCBA) when they visit. This type of highly specific training is not offered as frequently within a clinic. Learn more about the benefits of caregiver involvement in ABA Therapy

At the patient’s home, it becomes easier for the RBT to work on skill development related specifically to that environment. These skills, like listening better to a sibling, being gentler with a family pet, or everyday skills – such as personal hygiene and chores – are not as readily available in a clinic setting. 

The RBT will also be more consistent within the home setting as Affinity will always try to keep the same staff member working with the person supported.

The Benefits of Applied Behavior Analysis in a Clinic

Similar to in-home ABA, being in a clinic can shift to the needs within that environment. The clinic can be a great place for learning to share, take turns, and transitioning from one location to another. ABA at a clinic can be good preparation for school settings, and learning to navigate a variety of personalities and environments. 

Social skills, working with small deviations to schedules, and varying RBTs, help a person build techniques to tolerate change. At the same time, learning how to be with others who have different ways of communicating, playing, and socializing. All of which can be quite valuable in helping relieve feelings of fear and isolation. 

Each Affinity clinic provides a bright, happy atmosphere, with different rooms and places to explore – alongside dedicated quiet and communal places. The many toys and items to be played with help build fine and gross motor skills. Snack, play, and work time offer a reliable rhythm to the day that creates structure and expectations.

Which ABA Setting is Right for You?

Whether you’re electing to do at-home or in-person ABA therapy with Affinity, you’ll be working with a Registered Behavior Technician who customizes the treatment to the individual. By identifying targeted skill sets, you can choose the environment best suited to them. 

If you can’t decide, there is an option to do both! However, you cannot alternate days. For example, go to a clinic on Monday and then receive in-home services on Tuesday. 

If you elect to use both services, each day will have a dose of both with a combination of several hours at the clinic and several hours at your home. For example, you may want a morning visit to your home and an afternoon spot at the clinic to accommodate your work schedule. And that is fine! You can also just do one or the other. That is also fine!

Affinity In-Home + Clinic Support Hours

Here are the hours for in-home treatment Monday through Friday:

  • 9AM-11:30AM
  • 12:30PM-3PM
  • 3:30PM-5:30PM

Here are the hours for clinic treatment Monday through Friday:

  • 9AM-12PM
  • 12PM-3PM
  • 9AM-3PM
  • 3:30-5:30PM

You can see how the different services complement one another in providing a well-rounded day for an individual receiving ABA services. 
Affinity accepts all major insurances and Medicaid. We’re here to support you, so please be in touch if you have any questions at intake@affinitytreatment.com or learn more about our autism services tailored for you, here.