Toilet Training

Creating customized toilet training plans

Supporting the Growth of Your Child with Toilet Training

We understand the specific barriers that can make it difficult for kids on the Autism Spectrum to master toilet training.

We will develop a plan and work directly with your child while making any necessary adjustments.

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How Can We Help You? Toilet Training & Learning

Learning necessary personal hygiene and toileting skills will help enhance independence and overall health.

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Develop a Plan

Helping develop the necessary personal hygiene skills respectfully.

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Research-Based Techniques

Using behavioral interventions to help develop necessary skills.

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Provide Trusted Caregivers

We employ highly skilled and compassionate professionals to support your child.

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Positive Reinforcement

Employing positive interventions to reinforce newly learned skills.

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Practice over time

Providing consistent opportunities are key to success.

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Think Long-Term Success

Small daily steps will yield great results.

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