Social Skills

Developing skills that help interaction

Supporting the Development of Social Skills

Social skills training helps for people of all ages to make friends and navigate day-to-day interactions. We do this within both one-to-one and group settings.

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How Can We Help You? Social Skills Training & Learning

Social skills training helps people of all ages to find their voice in how they communicate and interact with the world.

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Use play with Games, stories, and more

Teaching people of all ages to share, take turns, and practice listening skills.

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Create a Group environment

Group settings are designed to replicate a real world environment.

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Provide Trusted Caregivers

We employ highly skilled and compassionate professionals to support your child.

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Introducing new sensory surroundings.

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Practice over time

Providing consistent opportunities are key to success.

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Think Long-Term Success

Small daily steps will yield great results.

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