Social Skills

Helping the people you love to connect with others.

Supporting the Development of Social Skills

Social skills training helps people of all ages to make friends and navigate day-to-day interactions. We help people connect via one-to-one interactions in home settings. In our clinics, we provide ample opportunities for individuals to learn and practice social skills with peers.

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How Can We Help You? Social Skills Training & Learning

Social skills training helps people of all ages enrich their interpersonal relationships and connect with the world.

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developmentally appropriate

We teach the interpersonal skills an individual needs to be successful for their age, interests, and circumstances. 

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opportunities for group interactions

Our clinics provide many opportunities for people to learn and practice social interactions as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. 

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professionals who build relationships

Our professionals spend time engaging with and building relationships with individuals while teaching social skills. 

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We provide a variety of situations to help a person adapt their emerging social skills to new contexts. 

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Practice over time

Providing consistent opportunities are key to success.

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think long-term success

We train caregivers to support those newly acquired social skills to help a person be successful in future experiences. 

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